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£10,000 Donated to Help Save 200 Dogs from Death Row

In addition to Medik8's commitment to award The Zipper Foundation a minimum annual budget of £15,000, Medik8 have made a special one-off donation of £10,000. This will help to honour Zipper's life and to kick-start the launch of The Zipper Foundation. Zipper's last act was to save the lives of his friends.

This donation in memoriam has been given to Humane Society International to pay for food, supplies, medical and behavioural treatment for all of the 200 dogs saved from death row, in their latest dog meat farm closure.

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Hongseong Dog Meat Farm Will Never Sell Dog Meat Again

The now ex-dog meat farm is situated around 2.5 hours outside Seoul, South Korea. It alternated between dog meat farming and puppy milling. Over 200 dogs ranging from small breeds to larger dogs more traditionally associated with the dog meat trade, were kept there. The conditions were pretty similiar to what you would expect to see on dog meat farms: barren cages, lack of appropriate food and water, emaciated dogs and little to no protection from brutal winter conditions.

The Zipper Foundation does not want to preach, look down and tut at every scenario we feel doesn't live up to our ideals. We want to take Zipper's values of being judgement-free and not making presumptions, by helping those who want to make the change for themselves as much as we want for them. This makes this farm closure the ideal project for us to invest in, the farmer has worked in collaboration with HSI in order to transition his farm away from dog meat and puppy milling - forever.

Dogs in Cage

The transition costs, which HSI are raising, will assist with this and demolition of all caging and regrading of property to be used as a crop growing venture for someone else. In this legally-binding agreement, the farm is not allowed to have dogs or any other type of farm animal on the property ever again, for commercial/sale purposes. The funds will also help to provide the farmer with IT skills so he can get into database related work as an alternative source of income.

Why are we Donating to close this Dog Meat Farm?

We believe this to be a truly powerful, game-changing farm closure in the battle against the barbaric dog meat trade. We know that the South Korean public is outraged by puppy mills. Linking puppy mills to the dog meat trade through this closure will gain even more public support for bringing an end to dog cruelty in the region.

In 2012, Elliot, our founder, returning from a long business trip in Australia visiting Medik8 customers, took a stop-over scuba diving holiday in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. There, in the local town was a popular dog meat market which incredibly, was a thriving tourist attraction. Elliot categorically refused to visit but heard horrific tales from those who did. It affected him deeply and this donation is a chance for him to finally do something significant he has long promised himself, and Zipper, that he would do.

What's next for the dogs?

Freedom. The Zipper Foundation has paid for full expert medical and behavioural treatment that the dogs will now receive in Canada, UK and the USA. They will then be put up for adoption and find loving families. In fact, we already have a couple of volunteers in the Medik8 office who are willing to adopt a dog for themselves! Watch this space for updates as we follow the dogs on their journey.